A Craftsman's Legacy, Season 4 DVD Set

All 13 episodes of Season 4

4 disc set

Each episode will follow Eric Gorges on a quest to discover true craftsmen in today's world.  The episode will explain the history of an old world craft and the importance of the building of America.

Included Shows:
Episode 1 The Swordsmith
Episode 2 The Ski Makers
Episode 3 The Jeans Maker
Episode 4 The Table Maker
Episode 5 The Still Maker
Episode 6 The Brass Horn Makers
Episode 7 The Arrow Maker
Episode 8 The Rocking Horse Maker
Episode 9 The Cowboy Hat Maker
Episode 10 The Spur Maker
Episode 11 The Spoon Maker
Episode 12 The Murrini Glass Maker
Episode 13 The Tool Chest Makers

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